Bacchon ki Kasam


(BackgroundThe leader of a political party and Prime ministerial candidate Mr Narendra Modi had to declare in his nomination papers, forced by a new rule, that he was married after hiding his marital status for decades.)

I have full sympathies for both Modi and his wife. I can understand the pain that they may have gone through. I understand that it may not have been easy for both of them particularly the lady who braved it all alone but still had all the good will for him. I salute the lady.

As a strong opponent of non-secular parties and non secular thoughts, I could have used the news to malign the person hoping to be the PM. But I do not want to interfere in his personal life. I empathise with them, I can feel the pain and pray that happier days may return to both of them as they reunite. This is a very sacred and beautiful relation and I feel sad when anybody is devoid of its bliss. I feel sad when I even hear news of any separation – I read the separation of Hrithik Roshan with sadness thinking how painful their separation would be after so many years of togetherness and love, particularly as they were childhood friends.

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