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In this blog, you will mainly find my musings on IT Management and a rational view of God and Religion. Two diverse topics, but you will see below how they are closely related. Hence this is not a blog for the IT professionals alone – the IT related articles are for all top professionals of all functions and the ones related to religion are for the common man.

I believe that both these areas – IT Management and our current beliefs in God and Religion – need eye openers. An eye opener is something which forces us to see an object or a situation which always existed before our eyes, but we had closed our eyes to it. In other words, we never noticed it though it was very very obvious. And finally when we open our eyes to it, we are surprised – “Wow, how come I never noticed it?”

It will be my attempt through this blog to help open the eyes to some simple facts about IT, particularly software related change management, and about our beliefs on God and religion.

I am a computer professional, with bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT Bombay and post graduate degree in Management from IIM Calcutta. During Engineering, the courses I liked were Digital circuits and Logic circuits, and I would have ended up as a hardware engineer had I not signed up for MBA. At MBA again, I liked nothing but Systems and software. Marketing, I thought, was a subject where the authors used a lot of winding words to put forth an extremely simple idea. Finance was yuk yuk! So I had no dilemmas about my specialization: it was specialization in Systems and Systems alone. All other subjects were out.

Soon after my MBA, I joined a software consulting firm and worked with several clients where I interacted with IT heads. I soon realized how easy my job was as a consultant and how difficult it was for the internal IT folks in the company. They were in the frying pans of internal politics and leg pulling. I had decided that I wanted to be an insider in a company (in-house IT guy) and face the music. I was lucky to get an offer of my choice inside IT department from one of my satisfied customers and quickly in about 4.5 years of my service, I was heading a IT department in a group of companies, where I set up the IT department from scratch. I worked there for 5 years and that was my solid foundation as a CIO. My success story was a cover article in Computers Today.

Over the years, I have loved my role as a CIO or head of IT in a company. My interest has always been people issues in IT Management, be it users, computer people or senior management. I have been a keen student of management of change brought about by automation. In this blog, I will share some of the experiences and learning out of my long career as CIO.

The other area of my interest which I love to write about is “An objective look at God and Religion”. Now these two areas may seem to be poles apart – one in the area of down to earth technology and the other in the area of abstract philosophy. I will explain how these two areas are actually very closely related. There is a common thread.

First, my writings on God and religion are not heavy philosophy but plain and simple common sense, like a set of logical conclusions in an IT solution. Second, both the people issues in IT and the concept of God and Religion are a study into the human psychology of change. The study of people issues in IT management is a study of psychology of change from the machine age to the information age. The study of God and Religion, similarly, is a study into the psychology of change caused by events in history from the prehistoric age. It is a study into the turn of events that has led mankind to some very irrational beliefs.

What I like to write about is the psychology of change from the Industrial revolution to the information revolution, and the psychology of change from the stone age to what I believe is the next big revolution-in-waiting – the Spiritual Revolution. I believe that just as all the physical laws of the universe have been explained using the physical sciences in the era gone by, the laws of the spiritual science will be explained in the next era of Spiritual Revolution. And whereas mathematics explained the physical being, a new yet to be discovered ‘science’ called “mentomatics” will explain the spiritual being. God and religion will be explained.

Both the information revolution and the spiritual revolution need eye openers – in one case to make our journey through Infotech revolution more smooth, and in the other case to enable us to open the doors to the next revolution – the spiritual revolution. Unless we open our eyes to our irrational beliefs on God and Religion, the Spiritual Revolution will not happen. It will be my attempt through this blog to help open the eyes.

One Response to “About Me”

  1. Pete Haffron Says:

    Interesting read – particularly the similarity between information revolution and spiritual revolution, IT management and our beliefs in God and religion.

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