Bacchon ki Kasam


(BackgroundThe leader of a political party and Prime ministerial candidate Mr Narendra Modi had to declare in his nomination papers, forced by a new rule, that he was married after hiding his marital status for decades.)

I have full sympathies for both Modi and his wife. I can understand the pain that they may have gone through. I understand that it may not have been easy for both of them particularly the lady who braved it all alone but still had all the good will for him. I salute the lady.

As a strong opponent of non-secular parties and non secular thoughts, I could have used the news to malign the person hoping to be the PM. But I do not want to interfere in his personal life. I empathise with them, I can feel the pain and pray that happier days may return to both of them as they reunite. This is a very sacred and beautiful relation and I feel sad when anybody is devoid of its bliss. I feel sad when I even hear news of any separation – I read the separation of Hrithik Roshan with sadness thinking how painful their separation would be after so many years of togetherness and love, particularly as they were childhood friends.

Though I am strongly opposed to a non secular PM and party coming to power, I will not say what most of the opponents of Modi are saying with personal attack on him – “How can a person who has been dishonest to his wife be a good PM?” I give him the benefit of doubt as he may have had his own compulsions and child marriages after all have their own complications. I will not like to make any personal attacks on him for not being honest with the people of India. But with heartfelt apologies to him, I cannot be silent also on this issue for another reason.

I have no questions for him, but I have very serious questions to his party and his followers (which may indirectly have bearings on him if they have inherited his style).

I want to now ask his followers what it would feel like if the people and the other parties start a hate campaign against him like he and his followers smartly did against AAP. They have been carrying out a systematic hate campaign for the last 5 months saying “Kejriwal swore on his children”, “Bacchon ki kasam khai”, and all their followers have been parroting it till I get sick of hearing it.

Modi’s followers, mainly the religious fanatics who form a large part of his following, are justifying his act by saying that he sacrificed his family for the country. Had it been Modi instead of Kejriwal in this case, they would have said, “He has sacrificed his children’s well being because the country could not afford another election.” They have been systematically brainwashing people on “Bacchon ki kasam khai” whereas by doing so Kejriwal has done no harm to anyone else or the country. If at all there can be any harm (if the superstitious are to be believed), it can be to him and his family. Whereas there are so many criminal and corrupt politicians who harm other people and the country, and we remain mute and coward  observers. They made such a big issue of this where Kejriwal was doing no harm to others. And for the religious fanatics, hate campaign for AAP was a child’s play (as they have masterminded a hate campaign for years for one community with ease). Their expertise shows, as their hate campaign has been effective in brainwashing a lot of gullible Indians. Gullible Indians are parroting the words spread by them like “Bacchon ki kasam”, “Bhagaoda”, “Nautanki”, “Aaptards”, etc. The last one shows that these hate mongers can stoop to any level.

Here is a twit in ToI today: “For all Morons who are tweeting against Namo because of his unsuccessful married life, here you have to choose a politician, not a husband” Late wisdom! What happened when Kejriwal was being accused of swearing on his children? Delhi needed a CM not a father.
Note the language of this tweet. This fan group has been consistently using this type of filthy language. That shows their level!

Now should everyone ask similar questions? “If you can lie to the world, if you can deceive your own family, how can a country be entrusted to you?” etc, etc….

I won’t ask these questions as I don’t want to initiate hate campaigns. But when I see a systematic hate campaign being carried out for not just innocent guys, but guys who need to be hailed for their courage and integrity, it is important to expose the culprits. The hate mongers need to publicly apologise to the grieved party. They have done great damage to them and to the country. It was mainly because of this hate campaign that people got divided and did not stand united against the corruption movement. The country lost another opportunity.

Opposition to the corruption movement from the criminals and the corrupt was expected and I am sure AAP was prepared for it. What caught them on the wrong foot was this unexpected spirited opposition and hate campaign from these religious fanatics. These fanatics and fringe elements were almost dancing with dreams of their favourite leader ruling the country, when they got a sudden jolt from a small fry like AAP. And anything can happen when hate mongers lose their top!


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