Will the World Survive – My Reply to Dr Stephen Hawking, renowned Physicist


Dr. Stephen Hawking, world renowned physicist, had posted the following question in Yahoo Answers:

“In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?”

Here is my response

Dear Dr Hawking,

You have hoped that genetic engineering will make us wise and less aggressive. I do believe we will become wiser and less aggressive, not because of genetic engineering, but because of the next revolution which is awaiting us – the spiritual revolution. After the industrial revolution and the information revolution, the next revolution WILL be the spiritual revolution. Industrial revolution enhanced our muscle power, and the information revolution our brain power, both beyond our human capabilities. Spiritual revolution will be different to the extent that it will allow us to tap our existing untapped immense mind power. And everyone will be much more spiritually evolved than we are – and that will result in the future generation being wiser and less aggressive. The hatred and violence will reduce and love pervade. The world will survive not just another 100 years, but millions of years. My article “God and Religion – A New Look” (P.S.: published as ebook titled “God in Two Minutes” at amazon.com in 2011) takes a peek into the future by analyzing the past and extrapolating into the future possibilities. This article is not religious, not science or philosophy, but plain common sense.

I do not believe that the concept of God and Religion will bring about the spiritual revolution. It is only making the world worse. Spiritual revolution will dawn in as the laws of spiritual space will be “scientifically” explained – just as the laws of physical space have been mathematically explained in the previous eras. I use “scientific” within quotes because I believe that it is not the present day physical science and mathematics which will explain the laws of spiritual space. There will be an invention of new “science” and mathematics, (which I call “mentomatics”), which will explain the laws of Spiritual space. The future spiritual era will have advanced tools to take you within minutes to a high mental state, the state that the likes of Buddha and Christ reached. Man will be able to attain a mental state which is high on love, compassion, faith, etc. The spiritual revolution will see the end of religious divide and killing – spiritual research will make it crystal clear to the common man that all religions are mere tools with a single objective of spiritual upliftment.

“Sounds unbelievable!” Right? All I will request you to do is to transport yourself mentally to the stone age. Now imagine a future world having television sets with which you can see and hear what is happening real time at the other end of the world. Imagine jets and planes that reach you  places several thousand miles away within hours, and so on. Your reaction as a stone age man would be the same – “sounds stupid!” But all that has happened today – you have television and aircrafts/spacecrafts which would have sounded like imaginations of a crazy mind to the Stone Age man. So do not discount what are the possibilities of the future. Whereas we are in the space age of the physical science today, we are in the stone age of spiritual science. You just need to let your imagination go wild to see what would be the possibilities when the world reaches the ‘space age’ of spiritual science.

What we need to think is not whether the spiritual revolution is possible, but how we can speed up its arrival. We need to remove self imposed barriers and leapfrog towards the invention of mentomatics (The article “God and Religion – A New Look” (P.S.: published as ebook titled “God in Two Minutes” at amazon.com in 2011) discusses the first steps towards mentomatics, and the pitfalls that we need to avoid). We need to come out of the spiritual kindergarten that we are stuck into because of our “religious trance” and graduate to higher schools of spirituality. We need to give up the “baby walker” of religion that we are holding on to for too long even though we have already learnt to walk. And unless we give up the baby walker, we will not be able to sprint and run.

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